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The Estonian Academy of Arts is the only public University in Estonia offering education in Fine Arts, Design, Architecture and Art Culture. It has been in existence continuously since 1914. The School has Faculties of Design, Architecture, Art Culture and Fine Arts. In addition to providing full time education, development services and conducting research the Estonian Academy of Arts offers continuing education and special interest programs through its Open Academy. At this time over
1000 students are enrolled, many who extend their studies by continuing to study at other Educational Institutions abroad. The Estonian Academy of Arts cooperates in its endeavours with approximately
100 Foreign Universities and Institutes of Higher Learning and is a member of many international education networks. Among the graduates are many eminent creative individuals who have contributed to the development of Design and Art in Estonia and abroad over the years and whose work and views are valued in society.


The function of the Department of Development is to advance cooperation in the development of new products for the school and business enterprises. The personnel of the Department advises staff on preparing and entering into contracts, the writing of documents and proposals for Enterprise Estonia (EAS). It conducts education programs on enterprise development and marketing. It organizes art related competitions and arranges for enterprise and school contact events. The Services of the Development Department gives staff an oportunity for participation in various international projects. It advises on intellectual property rights and enterprise involving activities. It provides career counselling for students and arranges work experience placements in programs in foreign countries. The Department makes recommendations to the staff on cooperation opportunities between the school and enterprises and analyses the results of the activities undertaken. It also develops international cooperation contacts and gathers information on all development opportunities.

The Development Department is open and available to develop all proposals involving cooperation.


Consultation Services:

  • Product and/or service development advising and evaluation
  • Production and/or advising in technology

Development Services:

  • Standards setting and/or conducting product development
  • Activity process development
  • The Development of designs and their implementation

Research Services:

  • Conducts viability or profitability research
  • Implementation studies

Continuing Education Services:

  • Engages in the conducting of continuing education and new skills acquisition courses

More specific information on services can be found in the following pages


  • Space development plan creation
  • The gathering of basic information
    for space development plans
  • The analyses of space environment and
    city construction
  • The planning of scenarios
  • The visiualization of space scenarios
  • The working through of building concepts
  • Space creation primary and continuing education

3D Laboratorium Services:

  • The 3D priniting of digital objects as physical models and details, consultations
  • Space objects 3D digitalization and consultation
  • Parametric modelling and consultation
  • Choosing software according to the project and consultation
  • Creation of specific data bases
  • The visualization of processes and objects
  • Software education and workshops
Puust luik

2008 Swan, author Larissa Kondina, Photograph Märt Riistop

  • Space-Time and energy area computer
    systems consultation (including the calculation of energy effectiveness)
  • The conducting of theme related conferences and symposia
  • Hight models creation based on 2D cards
  • Large size objects measuring with distance measuring lasers


  • Graphic identity and business graphic creation, (Logo, coulour solution, forms)
  • Design of publications
  • Print and fonts design
  • Printed matter creation
    (folders, brochures, posters and fliers)
  • Web page creation and implementation
  • Web Banner Creation
  • T Shirt design and printing
  • Advertizing Button design and production (circular 2,5 cm in diameter buttons)
  • Lectures and workshops on Graphic Design themes (Communication in public spaces, identity programs development, type of print used, History of Design etc.)
  • Computer Education (Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign)
  • Expert evaluations and consultations in Graphic Design and in the area of Typography
The Estonian Academy of Arts Exhibition of Graduate Students 2009

The Estonian Academy of Arts Exhibition of Graduate Students TASE’09 design Rüütelkonna Building was decorated with thousands of newspapers, which formed the base for all other creative elements –
from name tags to signpost systems.


Laboratorium Services

The testing and use of glazures and preparation for individuals and enterprises. Cooperation with ARS Ceramics for the finding and preparation of new glazes.

Firing Services

Ceramics firing for individuals and enterprises

The preparation of products examples

We have prepared in coopertion with Tallinn Ceramics new product examples. The Faculty has particpated sucessfully in a competition for the Rosenthal factory in Germany.

Participation in the creation of Experimental Ceramics Kilns.

In cooperation with Kerako OÜ the Ceramics Faculty has particpated in many experimental oven/kiln creations. In the planning process is the creation of a new electric-gas kiln which makes possible the firing of large scale ceramics sculptures in extra-mural settings.

One time Exhibition projects

In the the third year course the Faculty has participated with enterprises, to show Kohila wood buring kiln prepared large size objects. Examples have been prepared in cooperation with TELE2, Electrolux, Hortes, Arens, Husqvarna.

Specialty Consultations

The Ceramics Faculty workers and teachers are prepared to offer specialty consultations to all interested persons.

Raili Keiv - teapot

Raili Keiv’s creation was chosen to participate in the
Karlowari teapot symposium.

Jarona Ilo - accessorie

Jarõna Ilo „Air“ creation was nominated for Rosenthal Design Award 2008 at the Rosenthal Exhibition (Ambiente in Frankfurt).

Raili Keiv - cups

Author Raili Keiv. Form in coopertion with Tallinn Ceramics Raili Keiv - Carpet of Porcelain

Raili Keiv, „Carpet of Porcelain” .The creation was nominated for Rosenthal Design Award 2008 at the Rosenthal Exposition (Ambiente in Frankfurt).


Historical Jugend stained glass restoration

A History Museum order, Historical Jugend stained glass restoration was worked on by the Faculty’s second year students, coordinated by Eve Koha and Liisi Junolainen

Master-class, wax pouring and glass melting techniques in sculpture creation

"The Best in Tallinn 2010". Tutor Tiina Sarapu, design: Caspar Sild, realization: Mai Schults, Maria Tamm, Kristiina Oppi, Caspar Sild.

  • Conducts Glass Art and
    - Technology related lectures
  • Glass Art Workshops
  • The design and and preparation of Glass Art objects: unique objects, small quantities, examples
  • Stained Glass design and preparation
  • Stained glass restoration


Fashion Design

  • Uniform clothing design – design
    and production
  • Personal fashion design consultations

Fashion Styling

  • Personal consultation
  • Photograph styling
  • Costume styling for commercials

Advertizing products

  • A range of marketing products for
    enterprises: bags, T-shirts, shirts, aprons etc.


  • On fashion
  • On styling
  • On the History of Costumes
New European Identities, NEiD

Designers Maria Viidalepp and Triin Randver, international project New European Identities, NEID


Autorid Maria Viidalepp ja Triin Randver, rahvusvaheline projekt New European Identities, NEiD


  • Unique binding services (including Chronicles, Albums) production
  • Catalogue binding
    (print run maximum 200-300)
  • Binding Solutions development
  • Specialty consultations
  • Honour Address Binders preparation
Viljandi City Government book

Tiiu Vijar and Külli Grünbach-Sein „Honour Book“ -
Viljandi City Government order


Karen Milistver, Backpack „Morpho Peleides” International Student’s Design Competition „Design for Happiness“, Cumulus Kyoto 2008 – among six nominated in the category of SAFETY

Book cover Book cover

Kristiina Nurk, the Beaumarachais book „Le Mariage de Figaro“ or „The Wedding of Figaro“ binding - World Binding Art 10th Biennial Top Award

Book cover Book cover


  • Consultations and courses on textile Design, print- and finishing technology, current textile materials
  • Design of the interior decorating textiles
  • Interior Design solutions involving textiles
  • Smart Textiles
  • Clothing textile design
    (woven, printed, various finishings)
  • Weaving

Marta Kisand, „Poetic/Political“ Young Textile Artist Award 2008

Glowing textile

Mare Kelpman, “Light & Stripes“ Estonian Design Award Bruno 2008, best product design award. The products of the collection „Light and Stripes“ are woven from high tech materials, which gather energy from light and glow in the dark, being both decorative and functional lighting up dim light spaces

Suva Socks

Sock Collection for AS Suva

Flower Linen

Kai Eichen, „Flower Linen“ Mari Adamson best textile student grant. The recognition is given to a textile student for excellent results and creative activity


  • Product Development – project based approach for working out solutions: conceptions, sketches, 3D models, modelling, prototypes
  • Design consultation and advisory services
  • Design studies
Container spoons

Container spoons „Conspoons” Riho Tiivel

Light Sensitive Curtain

Aili Aamisepp, Andri Laidre „Light Sensitive Curtain“


  • Continuing education of Conservation of Architecture and restoration
  • Museology continuing education
  • Specialty consultations
Suur-Kõpu Manor painting
Suur-Kõpu Manor paintings

EAA Cultural Heritage Conservation Department students - Suur-Kõpu Manor paintings restoration


  • Intaglio (including photo processing)
  • Printing Typograhy (including lead loading)
  • Lithography
  • Digital Printing (printing max. width 61 cm, roll paper, possible various papers and cardboards)
Chair of Graphic Art
Print Press

Chair of Graphic Art - Print Press


  • Drawing courses for beginners, middle level and advanced
  • Drawing - continuing education for general education schools Art teachers
  • Drawing-visualization - mini courses for entrepreneurs
  • Drawing illustrations for various publications
  • Expert evaluations and consultations in drawing
Drawing workshop Drawing workshop

Koger and Partners Drawing workshop


Open Academy is the largest lifelong learning Art education environment in Estonia. Open Academy offers a wide range of studying opportunities, for self- development and improving competence.
The Open Academy is a partner for all educational institutions, which are interested in Art related continuing education. It offers enterprises and
other organizations Art education according to
their needs. All who wish to obtain Higher Level
Art Education are welcome to learn a new specialty, improve their art related knowledge or simply to engage in creative activity.

Preparation Courses

The purpose of Open Academy preparation courses is to give to young students self- development opportunities and provide preparation for entrance exminations.

Open Academy creative course

Open Academy creative course in an Artist’s studio

Continuing Education

Open Academy arranges for a range of creative courses for all interested persons, including members of firms, which are interested in educating their staff in the area of Art. The Open Academy adds value to the firms by offering opportunites for dealing with aspects of Art. It is possible to take a course lasting a year or two in continuing education. Persons who wish to improve their knowledge of space design, creative graphics, photography or painting are welcome. Courses of this type can be ordered by organizations, which wish to educate their personnel.

Open Academy creative course

Open Academy creative course in an Artist’s studio


  • Art, Design, Architecture and Audiovisual Media related texts, language editing and translation (Estonian-English-Estonian)
  • Consultations
Book. Archetypal colour theory

Archetypal colour theory, Leonhard Lapin, Translated by Krista Mits, designed by Tiit Jürna, Estonian Academy of Art, Chair of Composition and Colour Study, 2009

Book. Graphic Design. Historical Overview

Graphic Design. Historical Overview, Richard Hollis, Translated by Eva Näripea and Ivar Sakk, Designed by Indrek Sirkel and Koit Randmäe


Should you wish to develop your enterprise and cooperate with the Estonian Academy of Art but lack financial resouces application to the following sources of funding can be made:


This is suitable if you need to consult about development for your product or service, find a new design solution, conduct a study or product conception as well as on producing examples and to determine if the innovation undertaken is suitable for funding. Support is provided to small and middle size enterprises ( VKE) The amount of the support ranges from 4000 EUR to 16 000 EUR. It is possble to obtain up to 100% support funding for needed expenses.
Additional Info

Export development grant

Objective of the grant: Increase the export competetiveness of Estonian companies on foreign markets. Minimal grant is 3 000 EUR and maximum grant 160 000 EUR per project. Project period up to
24 months.

Grant supports following activities:

  • Consultincy service about the target market from the service provider from the same area
  • Compliance of the products with the requirements of the target market
  • Preparation and ordering of product samples
  • Preparation and ordering of advertising materials and exhibiting permanent stands
  • Development comapny's target market oriented webpage, incl. development of
    e-marketing solutions
  • Development and registration of trademarks of the products or services in the target markets
  • Visiting of target markets and organising the marketing events directed to the target markets
  • Participation at the foreign fairs directed to the target markets
  • Implementation of the surveys of the target markets

Additional Info

Product Development

If you wish to make feasibility studies in preparation of product development, implemention research or conduct new product desigs, prepare projecting, prototype development and testing, then we recommed this for application.
Additional Info


Architecture Students Workshops

For four years now, Puuinfo (NGO, Estonian Forestry Association wood-use promoting section) has helped to conduct workshops for the EAA first year Architecture students in the Summers. The workshop themes are the use of wood in planning shelters. On the basis of the best developed plan, the building of a shelter at Pedaspea takes place. The undertaking has provided great satisfaction to participants. Students get an oportunity to produce something with their own hands and the Puuinfo gets to meet and make contacts with potential future architects.

The workshop is the only direct hands on experience during the course of study. The shelters produced during the workshops vary greatly. Generally they consist of complex designs and experimental and therefore not always the most user-friendly solutions. As professor Jüri Soolep has wisely stated about students: „Let them find out that it is not easy to function on slanted surfaces for themselves.” Every year the popular workshops have been covered by the press which in 2007 resulted in two structures figuring in Architecture competitions. Professors Jüri Soolep and Andres Alver, have directed the work at the workshops while architect Jaan Tiidemann has been the local initiator and coordinator. The shelters at Pedaspea have been visited and viewed by national and international architects and students of archtechture. The EAA Architecture Faculty with the financial support of Enterprise Estonia has with partners from Tallinn Technical University, Estonian University of Life Sciences and about ten enterprises formed a cluster of wooden buildings. organization.

Märt Riistop, Puuinfo

Textile Students Practical Work Placement

We have been a work placement base for BA students and Masters students at EAA. The practical placement also contains an ethnographic element. During the 2006 Summer work placement textile student Marit Mihklep made a design inspired by Muhu slipper, from which developed an extremely popular product (pictured). In 2007 AS Suva ordered from the Department of Textile Design new ideas on the theme of ethno and romance. Students submitted proposals where Estonian folk patterns were used. AS Suva bought the rights to use the collection. Later Suva selected suitable models and developed the ETNO product line. Today the ETNO series of products has added products for children, men and women. Continuing development has been taken over by the workers of AS Suva themselves. We will cooperate with art students, who are welcome to visit the factory, to familiarize themselves with stocking-sock production in various stages and processes.

Leila Tamm, AS Suva Product Development Manager

Suva socks

Designer Students Cooperation with Hariner

NGO Hingest brought together EAA design students and visually impaired brush production workers at a company named Hariner. The expectation was that out of the coopearation new products would be developed which the workers could make. Sigrit Keskküla, the Hariner Project Director, informed that there were 40 workers on the premises, 30 with handicaps, engaged in making brushes and in assembling and packing products. Through cooperation with EAA it was expected that new ideas and solutions would be developed. Sigrit Keskküla stated that there was a need for brushes which people would buy today. Design students of the second year design new products. Cooperaton with Hariner gave their studies a practical dimension, explained Heikki Zoova. Students visited the enterprise and familiarized themselves with the specifics of production.

They also became acquainted with the specific needs of the handicapped workers so that they could actually produce the new products. Design student Lauri Hirvesaar states that after visiting Hariner he engaged in drawing up new conceptions for one month. He had the desire to produce a product which differed greatly from the present products. The result was the production of a brushes Stationery Holding Box using veneer. The materials and labor which the blind provide goes into the making of the product are such that in the future visually impaired persons will be able to produce them without difficulty.


In addition to the Lauri offered Stationery Holding Box, students submitted the following: an introduction card holder made of modules, a folding brush mat, a refrigerator brush magnet and a sponge brush. All suggestions were fresh and new to them. The Hariner representative was very pleased with the product development with the approach of the young designers. Heikki Zoova states that the inclusion of the students was like „a breath of fresh air” and that the students benefitted greatly from the experience.

Open Academy Courses

Kaido a former student who had attended courses in metal art a few years ago was advised by teachers to try drawing and painting and thus discovered the Open Academy. He now attends courses with pleasure as he finds that this is very different from what he does during the day, also it provided an opprtunity to go back to what he liked to do in his youth.

Kaido Ehasoo, Lawyer

The idea of Folk Education came from the desire to do something different from everyday routine life. Since our partners deal with marketing, which is an art in itself, we came up with the idea of making real art. Tiina Tammetalu directed us in the production of five unique pieces of art which now beautify our conference room. When at the start of the undertaking there was some hesitation, wondering if others would go along, then by the end of the instruction we had to practically drag some away from the easels. We were extremely pleased with the Open Academy organized undertaking.

Inga Berkovitch, Sampo Pank


Color-Textil GmbH, Isao Hosoe Design, Jouni Exclusive, Laura Ashley, Meisseni Portselanimanufaktuur, Melin Tregwint, Rosenthal, Studio Felice Ragazzo, Zinc Design, Tekstiiliverstas, Valley Tal, Wallis, Walmark


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